3 Practical Steps to Revive Your Old Brand & Socialize Like a Rock Star on Instagram

Have you gone tired of your Instagram account?

Well, it’s time to re-ignite your enthusiasm for the social networking site.

With the millions of people around the world who proudly deem the Instagram community as their home, it is wise to strategize a grand return on the site — for the sake of your brand and business. There, you can successfully re-invent your brand, raise awareness, re-establish your reputation, and increase sales.

If you have already lost your mojo on Instagram, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have it back anymore. Yes, you can go and get it back!

Here’s how you can make it happen.

Step 1. Introduce a Fresh Concept

Firstly, re-introduce your brand and along with it a fresh concept. You may add new colors, slogan, and/or themes.

If you got tired of your concept in the past, it’s time to use this approach. This will work considering a lot of people like fresh concepts. It adds excitement.

Let’s use an example. If you promoted your gardening product in the past by merely posting a picture and topping it off with its specification on the caption, prepare to spice things up.

Step 2. Use Automation Tools

Next is to let Instagram automation bots and tools do the work. If the reason why you ditched Instagram before was due to all the work needed for your account’s maintenance, then this will make you giddy.

Doing so is beneficial because it can speed up your work, minimize errors, schedule posts, send generic welcome messages, auto-follow, auto-like, and more!

If you need help regarding which automation tool is worth checking out, Anne Keiley has a blog post for you. There, she shares a list of the top automation bots and tools for Instagram. You’ll also find a discussion of each of her suggested item on the list.

Step 3. Prioritize Consistency & Reliability

Then be consistent and reliable. Since you left Instagram before, it may be more challenging to re-paint your image as a consistent and reliable account owner. But it’s doable.

Just start regularly posting factual content, posting high-quality comments, liking quality posts, and so on.

And while at it, continue your streak. Don’t abandon your account, as well as your followers, and just leave whenever you’re not in the mood to engage.

Final Thoughts

There’s no such thing as a perpetually lost cause on Instagram. You can re-establish your presence and be a rock star in the community.

If you’re set on reviving your brand, then you should make it happen. Yes, it’s that simple.