Best Accessory For The Wine Enthusiasts

Some people may wonder what is so interesting about opening the wine cork until they have enjoyed the experience of opening the wine bottle. Wine bottles are closed with the cork which is not easily opened in order to maintain its exotic taste. Thus, when you need to pour the wine in your glass, you cannot wait for opening the cork of the bottle. Hence, you need to have the accessory which helps in quick and effortless opening of the wine bottle.

Popular types of wine bottle openers

Different types of wine bottle openers are available in the market and on the online stores like  There are many people who like the traditional way of opening the bottle cork while the others are in search of unique and different style of opening the bottle.

Here are discussed some most popular styles of wine bottle openers:

Bottle opener based on Air pressure

As the name suggests, this type of wine bottle openers have the cap that fits on the cork and then cartridge containing carbon dioxide exerts pressure to pull up the bottle cork. These types of bottle openers are ideal when you have to open a large number of wine bottles in short time.

Waiter’s style corkscrew bottle openers

This type of wine bottle openers are the best friends of the bar tenders and waiters for opening the wine bottles. Double hinge on this type of bottle openers provides leverage in opening the wine bottle easily.  There is a handle which helps in providing better grip for holding the cork.  Handles of the waiter’s corkscrew are available in metal and wood.

Electrical wine openers

These are the most stylish and latest type of bottle openers. Wine bottle is placed under the corkscrew that spins automatically on pressing the button and eases the extraction process. These types of wine bottle openers are widely used when there is a need to open huge number of wine bottles instantly. Electric wine openers are ideal for the elderly people who cannot use high muscular power. These bottle openers are battery operable so with the help of the chargers, the batteries can be recharged and reused.

Best gift for the wine lovers

If you have any wine lover in your family or friend’s group, then the best gift on any occasion which you can select for them is the wine opener. It is a fun to give this item as a gift to your loved ones and surely they will like your idea for the gift.