Expert Tips for Instagram Photography Succes

Photography can be both a passion and a job, but the way you approach it is what defines the results. With a lot of competition coming in from smartphone totting users, you need to make sure your efforts pay off. Today we look at expert tips for using Instagram as a photographer. Here we go.

Learn to View Things from a Different Perspective

You see the world around you from your balcony, the inside of your car, or bus or even while on foot. With Instagram, you can get a whole new perspective about life and get away with it. You get to learn about current photography trends and make changes to your approach for better results. You start to see things from a whole different perspective.

Be a Perfectionist

Getting the right shot isn’t easy, but to stay ahead of competition and look professional, you need to find the perfect shot. This begins with symmetry. For you to capture symmetry in any scene, you first need to know how to centre yourself and make sure all the lines in the shot are straight. Don’t be in a hurry, because the need to spare a few minutes might become your undoing.

Define the Different Areas in an Image

The native app on the smartphone doesn’t come with the right adjustments to give you the perfect photo. As a photographer, you need to adjust the colors and light before you take that perfect shit.

If you don’t adjust the shots, you end up blowing some aspects of the image out of proportion. Make sure you focus on the area that you need to emphasize, and repeat till you end up with a shot that is worthy your audience.

Avoid Selfies

Selfies are the norm these days, and you don’t have to follow the trend. With the help of a few simple tools, you can create more effective photos that are far more attractive. You can use the timer on your smartphone camera app to do this. Set the timer, run to the designated spot, strike a pose and wait for the flash!

Use Automation

Automation helps you get an audience and maintain them. You need a tool that allows you to handle several accounts from the same dashboard. Boostfy, can do this for you, check out more by reading the Boostfy Review *WARNING* – The Small Business Blog, and find out how it can assist your marketing efforts.