How To Select Sunglasses

How To Select Sunglasses

Whether you want sunglasses as fashion accessories or to protect your eyes from sunrays, getting the right fit should be your priority. Shopping for them online can be a daunting experience because you do not get a chance to try them on. You may have heard of cases where people complain that what was delivered was different from what they had ordered. So, how do you go about it and ensure that you get something that you are proud of and a pair that matches your looks? The following are some of the factors to consider when you are selecting sunglasses

Your face shape

You have to understand that we have different types of shapes when it comes to physical appearance. If you have an oval face, then you are lucky because most of the sunglasses you find in the market will fit you. Experimenting with frames with unique shapes will be your thing because your facial properties allow it. If you have an angular face, then your best fit will be sunglasses with a round frame. Angular frames with soft edges are the best fit for those with square faces. If your face is heart-shaped, then the best fit will be sunglasses that are wide at the bottom.

Check the reviews

If you have never used a product in the past, then you can trust past customers to mention what they think about it. Some sunglasses are expensive, and you can thus not afford to get something that is not worth the price. Invest in research and check out what people have to say on various platforms. Sometimes you might find fabricated reviews on some websites, but the authentic ones to check are those on the social platforms. The other best approach is when you use experts such as Sunglass Picks to lead you through the selection process.

The right size

Depending on your taste and preferences, you can pick huge sunglasses, medium or even small ones. However, the positioning of your eyes should be the determinant when you want a good pair of sunglasses. The lens’ thickness will also be affected if the eyes are too much apart or even near each other. The size of the bridge between your eyes should also be a consideration. The ideal sunglasses should fit naturally in this space. A small bridge can lead to soreness because the frame will pinch the bridge and also cause friction.