Liven Up With Spicy Foods

Liven Up With Spicy Foods

Spicy food can be quite intimidating to eat for people who are unfamiliar with them. However, there are different levels of spiciness, and even mild spiciness can come with various health benefits.

Controlling the Level of Spiciness

Whether it is mild or extremely hot, it all depends on the Scoville heat units of the spicy food. For example, jalapeno itself is just in the middle range, but for a beginner, it may prove to be too hot. Thus, it is ideal for one to begin with less hot capsicum peppers such as the poblanos. At some point, one’s taste receptors and tongue will adapt to the spiciness, so you can move on as you get used to it.

Also, it is possible for you to mask spiciness or reduce its “bite” by adding sweet ingredients. For example, adding soy milk to your spicy sauce can make you feel warm rather than blazing hot. In fact, some do mix soy milk and peppers to soup or shakes. It gives adds more warmth to liquids while masking the heat of a capsicum pepper. You can even add the combination to your blended shakes, and it can instill energy in whoever drinks it. If you require a blender, have a look at – best blenders as they offer the best.


The heat from spicy food has some anti-bacterial capacity. Thus, illnesses such as colds and fevers can subside much faster with consumption of spices. However, it is best to keep the spiciness mild, as extreme spiciness can be harsh on a sick person.

Anti-Inflammation and Pain-Killer

Various spices have chemicals that can reduce the effects of inflammation. In the past, these have been utilized for treatment of arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and vomiting. For people with allergies, mild spiciness can help deal with symptoms. Also, the brain perceives spiciness as pain and not taste, so it leads to an endorphin release that makes the person feel pleasure and less pain. Overall, spices can offer some relief to people who are ill.

Metabolism Booster

Eating spicy food will cause you to perspire as well as increase your metabolic rate. Furthermore, the effects will become long-term as you regularly consume them. Also, it slows down your appetite, which helps lose even more weight.


Spicy foods are not only for thrill-seekers who want a total blaze but also for people who want to improve their health or just to relieve stress. Furthermore, one can adjust the levels of spiciness, and even mild spiciness is sufficient to provide benefits to one’s health.