Nosing out a Good Perfume

The olfactory system is incredibly powerful. In fact, it trumps our visual and auditory systems in terms of its ability to evoke memories, emotion and reactions. Even our sense of taste is largely a result of our olfactory nerves picking up the scent of the food we eat. Think about how your mind harks back to a time when you were a child when you smell the aroma of a favorite dish that was your mom’s specialty. That’s how powerful your nose is.

That gives you an idea of what a nose can do. It further emphasizes the idea that your scent really is your signature and getting the right products can take someone else’s mind back to a special place, or create new memories that will be remembered in the future. There is no dearth of perfume products, that’s for sure. You’ve got a wide range of products that cover a wide range of scents and belong to a wide range of types (What’s the difference between an eau de parfum and eau de toilette?). Things can get overwhelming pretty quick, and one of the worst things you can do is buy a perfume that’s overwhelming, which is akin to taking a brick to the nose, as opposed to smooth caressing that a really good perfume will perform.

Your Scent is Your Signature is an excellent resource for all things perfume related. With comprehensive buying guides, informative explanations of fragrance types and many tips on how to purchase that knockout scent, it’s likely that you’ll have decided on the kind of scent you want by the time you’ve finished looking at the site.

Is It Really All That Difficult?

You might think that purchasing a perfume isn’t all that much of a task. How hard can it be? You pick something that you think smells nice, right?

No, it was never going to be as easy as that. If you’ve ever bought a friend a perfume as a gift, only to notice that the once-used scent has never been used since – well, you’re not the only one. Did you know that certain perfumes are designed to be used at certain times of day? Did you know that certain perfumes smell better at certain times of the year? The cold and dry winter season mixes well with warm and musky fragrances. There’s a lot more to it too! 

If you’re going to get a perfume, it’s got to be a good one, one that people will remember – for the right reasons. It can be difficult because there are number of factors that require mulling over, and of course, there is a certain degree of subjectivity. Your Scent is Your Signature concisely offers guides and tips on how to buy that killer scent.