Great Movie

Pillars That Make a Great Movie

Shooting a movie is no easy task. Getting the right cast and shooting varying scenes in different locations can get very expensive. Even so, making a great movie requires proper planning and direction without necessarily having to break the bank. Therefore, before reaching out to the most famous cast and shooting expensive scenes and props, it is important to take the time to ponder the factors that make up a great movie. The characteristics highlighted in this article are crucial in making a film successful.


The director plays a vital role in the success or failure of the movie. He or she calls the shots, making amends where he or she deems fit. Also, the ability of the director to bring together the cast or crew and create harmony within the team can bring out the best from the cast giving the film a quality feel and look.

The Script

The script is what captures the interest and attention of viewers. In the same way as other media, the movie will get the best rating the more it attracts the attention of the viewers. Some of the all-time classics capture the interest of viewers through their advertisements before their official release. For instance, if a viewer can relate to a particular character in a movie, he or she will tend to care about what happens and follow up with the story. As such, a film can attain an edge by crafting a captivating script that people can relate to. That can make the movie successful even without casting renowned talents or breaking the bank.


The cast is a vital aspect of any movie. It can be difficult to choose the best or already proven talent for every movie owing to varying factors and challenges. However, getting the right fit for the various roles or scenes in any film is critical for its success.

Appeal Factor

The ability of a movie to appeal to a large number of people is another step towards success. It is apparent from the past that you cannot please everyone. However, getting the majority of the people behind you is the best catalyst for success. There are numerous ways of acquiring mass appeal. An example includes shooting about a controversial topic that may trigger public debates and discussions. Getting people to talk about the film is one way of attaining their attention and interest in watching the movie.

Finally, creating a classic movie embodies a combination of numerous aspects. Nonetheless, top of the list is timelessness. A great movie should relate to timeless human values. Such values remain the same from one generation to another and include aspects such as death, love, and relationships.