Safety Concerns In Meat Slicers And Possibilities Of Injuries

Gone are the times when a person would go to a supermarket and buy those highly priced meat slices. The meat slicer has made it in the market with such low prices that everyone can have his own meat slicer now. Meat which is a popular part of food because of the taste and protein content is consumed throughout the world. The consumption increases during the winters and finally comes to a halt after the Christmas break. The most time saver and economic product used in a kitchen can be a meat slicer. There are several models which are now available in the market like professional meat slicers, household meat slicer and industry meat slicer. One has to come across practical details of the meat slicer in order to buy one.  Below here are mentioned some of the safety concerns for meat slicers.

No stain and no blood

The slicing of meat involves blood which can be washed from the slicer after the use. There are some models which need to be sterilized properly after each use. The blood derived from the meat in the slicing process can remain inside the machine. In order to enhance the safety, the new models in the market are sterilization free and don’t leave any safety concerns.

Injury to the hand

A good meat slicer or rather a convenient meat slicer will never have any impact over hands and fingers. The body of the meat slicer should be covered in such a way that the blades are not visible and remain covered. Meat slicers raised threat to kids earlier, when the blades were left open and uncovered. Considering it as a safety blunder, the new meat slicers now come covered.

Electric shock proof

With the voltage fluctuations happening in the house, a good electric meat slicer will switch off rather than passing current to the user or blowing apart. The auto cut off mechanism is not very complex to understand. If the voltage goes down to the minimum requirement or gets higher than the max, the meat slicer shall switch itself off. To prevent the slicer from burning and the receptor from getting electric shocks auto cut off mechanism can be used.

The mechanism also works when the meat slicer is kept on for a long period of time. It can damage the motor and can even affect the other parts of the meat slicer. One has to be very precise in knowing the details of the meat slicer before buying one.