Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Why do we love this game.

Again, we face eight worlds, each of which is divided into 4 stages where every 4th stage – the castle.

We will walk on solar clearings and gloomy vaults again; we will swim for a while in lakes; we will jump on palm trees; we will run about like mad on bridges, trying to avoid piranhas who and bite for heels.

Finally, we will besiege castles, one by one; we would not reach the latest, the celestial castle where we will meet with our old enemy – Bowser, king of turtles in the last, decisive fight.

Blue background, white cloudlets, brick overlapping’s, concrete blocks and constructions, flagstaffs, blocks with a question. All this is familiar to us from the first part.

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Graphics in a game undergoes the minimum changes, to the best. In particular, here we have the better portrayal of the earth, bridges, platforms and palm trees. In the new version, we face snow-covered palm trees that occur among particular one.

The couple qualitatively different stages occur among all that we saw earlier. Those are celestial levels.

Walls of the castle changed fundamentally. The impression such as if turtles replaced the equipment of lying of bricks a little.  However, is a trifle to which, as a rule, you do not pay attention.

The colors of brick structures and overlapping’s (which were light brown colors) replaced with more rigid and gray tone.

In addition, white cloudlets in the sky have smiling faces. Music of the game does not change. For each zone (glades, vaults, underwater locations, and locks) corresponds the anthem from the first series.

The mode for two players has totally disappeared. Instead, we have the choice of the character: Mario or Luigi. Luigi is not as fast as Mario is. However, he jumps higher and further.

The only, perhaps, powerful minus of management remains from the first part: lag effect of the character, especially Luigi. It irritates a little when it is necessary to make far jumps on small surfaces (for example, the box with a question).

As for objects and laws of the game world – at first sight, everything looks as in the first part.

Mario still becomes “super” and “fiery” by means of mushrooms and flowers. Enemy beings are still destroyed by falling from above or a shot.

We can still look for confidential places: monetary heaven, Zones of Distortion (Warp Zone), and underground and underwater rooms with coins.

We can still earn life with coins;

– At last, we still must save the Princess from the castle, and at everything, at the same time, we are still limited in time.

The key moments of the first SMB 1 are all kept here.