Best Rated Memory Foam Mattresses

The Best Rated Memory Foam Mattresses

For those looking for comfort that goes past that of a typical mattress, memory foam is the way forward. Made from materials originally developed for NASA, the beds use a combination of layers that adjust to your body as you sleep and spring back as you move during the night. My list of the best-rated memory foam mattresses is based on the excellence in quality that they bring you, boiling down to a better night’s sleep. Take a closer look at those that made the grade.

Tempur-Pedic-Cloud Supreme Mattress

If you are looking for a name you can trust, the best-rated foam memory mattress is the Cloud Supreme from Tempur-Pedic. The company pioneered the advantages of memory foam mattresses, and the Cloud Supreme delivers when it comes to comfort. The three layers of foam do their job well; the top layer shaping itself to your body, the middle offering support, and the bottom circulating air to avoid overheating.

The best memory foam mattresses differ than typical foam by providing an added sense of “squishiness,” that holds firm to the contours of the body. Memory foam additionally helps to reduce the vibrations between bed partners, but there are drawbacks to consider.

The Fine Print

Many memory foam beds can cause a muddy feeling when sleeping, which increases with the mattresses’ age. The material used also gives off an off-putting chemical odor out of the box, and adequate ventilation is needed in your bedroom at the onset to adjust for the problem. This is also an issue because the mattress keeps in heat as the night progresses. A final consideration is a price; the Cloud Supreme is at the top of the line and costs well over a thousand dollars.

Energie Opus-A Natural Alternative

The next contender on my list of the best of the best is the Energie Opus from Essentia. The top-of-the-line mattress forgoes the toxic smell that other company’s models are known for. Essentia is the only brand that makes memory foam mattresses from one hundred percent natural materials. An additional difference to the Energie Opus is its firmness giving those with back and neck issues support in-lieu of the mushiness of lesser-quality memory foam beds.

Despite this, the Energie Opus excels when it comes to comfort; the mattress has the feel of a pillow top bed, and its density reduces vibrations. The hybrid mattress comes with a 20-year guarantee, which is a major consideration when making this kind of investment.

The Fine Print

The flipside of the Essentia brand is their price tag; the use of quality materials and the care put into their products means that you should expect to pay over three thousand dollars. While a drawback for those looking for quality on a budget, a great organic mattress that comforts while you sleep and support your natural sleeping position is worth the money.

Posturepedic Hybrid Kingsthorne Plush

Added to the list as it is a specialty mattress that mixes springs and memory foam exclusively for people who sleep on their back, the Kingthorne Plush bed takes the worry out of getting the right support. The top layer is memory-gel, adding comfort to the wrapped coils underneath, which get the kinks out of a good night’s rest. Sealy enlisted the help of a team of orthopedic doctors to design the bed, and it hits its marks with style.

The Fine Print

The price of the Hybrid isn’t cheap, and the addition of spring coils adds to the vibration of the bed. This being noted, the Posturepedic Kingthorne gives relief to those in need to a mattress that helps them sleep comfortably, despite their aches and pains.

The Green Tea mattress from Zinus

I add the Green Tea Mattress on the list of the best mattresses as it combines a three-layer system with an eight-inch height, and Zinus also infuses the mattress with green tea.  Effectively replacing the typical chemical smell with a fresh, refreshing scent.

Another way that the Green Tea Mattress comes in ahead of the pack is by keeping cool. A typical drawback of foam mattresses and their multi-layered construction is that they retain heat.  The Green Tea avoids this and stays at a comfortable temperature throughout use.

The Fine Print

This eight-inch mattress is perfect for those who prefer a soft to firm bed when sleeping on either their side or back. For those over two-hundred pounds, a thicker, more dense mattress is often a better fit. Overall, most say that they were comfortable sleeping through the night on the Green Tea; not typically reported when taking a poll of eight-inch mattresses.

A final point, while Zinus uses green tea to augment the chemical smell associated with foam cell technology, the mattress needs 48 hours to air out after delivery to restore it to its prepackaged size.

Lucid  Memory Foam Mattress

The two-layer mattress from Lucid makes the cut for best in its class for its durable, all around comfort. It also lacks the smell associated with foam mattresses and is especially suited to lightweight sleepers want a firm mattress, despite its light top layer.

The Fine Print

For those over 150 pounds, the Lucid can prove to be soft and doughy, but overall reports agree that it provides a comfortable night´s rest for all positions. Both the top memory layer and bottom support layer are made with low-density foam, cutting back on the chemical odor. This can also be a drawback, the lack of density means less support for those with chronic back or neck pain. Despite this, the mattress takes time to break in; many report that it is too firm for side sleepers during the initial stages of use.

The appeal of the Lucid is its basic comfort paired with an affordable price tag. The mattress is comfortable and offers decent support, but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The Lucid comes with a 25-year warranty and is available from Amazon.