Tips to Lower Sugar in Your Meals

At Juicer Cruiser, we’re all about healthy living. We understand that sugar is a primary concern for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle, that’s why we want to tell you how you can reduce it in your foods. Come with us as we share the tips.

Ditch the Packaged Juice

Make no mistake about it; the “all natural” labels on packaged juice bottle are just but a marketing gimmick. The truth is, processed juice contains lots of added sugar. The food coloring and other chemical additives don’t make it any better. But, you can easily avoid these sugars by drinking freshly squeezed juice.

Fresh juice is chockful of vitamins and minerals that work to improve your immune system. Meanwhile, the antioxidants help flush out harmful toxins from the body. It, therefore, makes perfect sense having a citrus, centrifugal or masticating juicer in your kitchen.

Eat Raw Foods

If you want to avoid refined sugar, increase the amount of raw food in your diet. While some fruits may contain a higher level of natural sugar, they also have a significant amount of fiber to regulate digestion. The proteins in raw foods help keep the insulin levels in check. So, instead of eating a cupcake for breakfast, choose an apple. Also, make your salad with vegetables and beets once in a while.

Try Different Yogurt Alternatives

You may not know it, but most yogurts have an unhealthy level of sugar more so the flavored options. Thus, be sure to read the product’s label to find out the ingredients before buying. Ensure that the yogurt doesn’t contain added sugar.

Whenever possible, ditch the flavored yogurt for other alternatives such as kefir. If your yogurt must contain some flavor, you may consider adding sliced fruit or fresh berries to improve the taste.

Bake at Home

Instead of buying cookies, muffins, or bread at the store, consider baking at home. In essence, home baking means that you get to decide the amount of sugar that goes into the dough. We recommend that you use half the sugar any particular recipe suggests.

Even though your homemade cookies may not be as tasty as those from the store, they’re healthier. Plus, it is only a matter of time before you can adjust to the new taste. After all, you want to cut your sugar intake so you must learn to eat food that isn’t overly sweet. Besides, you can use other alternatives such as molasses to replace the sugar.