Top Tools to Make Your Breakfast Easier, Better

Breakfast happens each day (at least it should), which requires that you get the most out of it. One of the best ways to do this is to have the right gear for the task. Here are the top pieces of gear that will help you make your breakfast faster, healthier and sweeter than what you are already making.

A Juicer

Taking bottled orange is fine, but there is nothing that will compare to freshly-squeezed juice. With the right juicer, you get to enjoy the health benefits of fresh juice. All you need to do is to avoid those flimsy plastic things that only juice the flesh of the fruit. Go for a juicer that has a pressing function that will extract the oils from the rind of the fruit as well.

Coffee Maker

Coffee making preferences might be different, but the quality of the coffee shouldn’t. Make sure you have a coffee maker that will help you deliver fresh cups of coffee each day for you and your family. This makes it easy to make several cups each day, saving time and cash.


This is one of the most popular items for the kitchen. A bad spatula can make the difference between having perfectly-fried eggs and those that aren’t perfect. Get a spatula that will get between whatever you are cooking without damaging or tearing.

A Panini Press

If you are a fan of sandwiches, then you need to have a Panini press for the task. This tool makes it easy for you to churn out sandwiches on the fly without the need to stack all the meats and cheeses on slices of bread. The good news is that you can get an extra-large Panini press model that can hold huge grilling projects. You can acquire one of these models from Panini Perfect and enjoy perfect sandwiches each morning.

The press comes with wider grilling surfaces that can handle narrow bread slices for wider options. It also allows you to make use of multiple height positions so that you can stack the sandwiches higher.

The Finale

Know that your day starts with a perfect cup of coffee and a sandwich to match. You can enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast if you have the right tools for the task. Have a juicer to complement the coffee maker, and then have a Panini maker to deliver the sandwiches. Have a spatula to make sure you handle the sandwich the right way.